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Best Mountain Bike Under 300

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The Best mountain Bike Under 300

In stark contrast to a popularly-held belief, mountain bikes ARE NOT luxury items. If you are willing to put some effort – which you have by coming to this page, you can get the best mountain bike under 300.

How’s that possible, I hear you ask?

Well, due to the rising competition – and more brands coming in the market, the mountain bike manufacturers have been forced to slash the prices of their products. Consequently, you’re able to get mountain bikes which give a luxury feel but at an affordable price.

What about the quality, then, I hear you ask?

To be honest, some mountain bikes costing under 300 come with cheap spare parts. However, since we are only going to show you the best products, the mountain bikes available in this review have the quality to rival any of their high-priced counterparts.

Any more questions? Allow the below mentioned mountain bikes to answer them.

Raleigh Bikes Talus 2 Mountain Bike

Though relatively new in the market – which is the only reason its price is so low, the Talus 2 Mountain bike has everything you might want in your dream mountain bike.

Have doubts about this claim? Scroll down to quash all of them.


Though not contoured, the saddle mounted on the bike is there for extreme comfort. With a visible cutout in the middle, this saddle has been designed to suit the anatomy of your hips. As a result, you’d be sitting in a comfortable position regardless of the hours of riding.

In addition to the saddle, another feature of this bike which adds to your comfort is its upright geometry. Supported by a lightweight aluminum frame – which makes the bike easy to maneuver, the frame allows you to sit upright, hence reducing the chances of back pains.

If you live in a hilly area, gears are one feature you cannot forego in a bike. For, without any gears, the task of riding the bike uphill would indeed be an uphill task. Luckily, despite its low price tag, this bike gives you the option of 21-speeds. Whether you want to go uphill with minimum effort – or come down of it with maximum speed, the range of the gears is such that you can do both.

To be honest, the brakes of this bike failed to fill me with confidence. At a time when the entire world is raving about disc brakes – and how they handle all weather conditions with aplomb, Raleigh’s decision to side with linear pull brakes has perplexed me.

Still, if you live in that part of the country where rains aren’t a normal fixture, you won’t notice the limits of brakes.


  • Lightweight
  • Has an upright geometry
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Big, easy to roll wheels
  • Has a suspension fork


  • Brakes aren’t the best

Final Verdict

Although the bike is new, the name of Raleigh is more than 150years old. If not anything else, it should be the reputation of this brand which should lure you towards this bike.

Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mg Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike

If Harley Davidson ever designed a bicycle, its shape won’t be far off from the one used by Merax for this bike. It has a classy look, a plethora of useful features and comes just under the coveted 300mark.


The feature which literally pushed me towards this bike was its disc brakes. These brakes are a must-have if you want reliable stopping power in all weather conditions.

Equally important is the freedom which these brakes provide by allowing you to change its stopping power by tinkering with its rotor’s motor. That said, if you are a novice, you’d be more than happy with the factory installed version.

Turning our attention towards its design – and even if you aren’t a person particularly fussy about aesthetics, the beauty of this bike will mellow your heart. Coming in a stylish black color, with shades of red and a bottle holder between the two frame tubes, this bike would start turning heads from miles.

To make it durable, Merax took a commendable decision to equip this bike with a heat-treated Al-frame. What’s more – if your height is anywhere between 5’4’’ and 6.0’, the structure of the frame will fully support your build.

As for the gear shifting, Merax pulled no punched by going for the Shimano derailleurs. As veteran cyclists might tell, these derailleurs make gear shifting a cinch – whether you are going uphill or downhill, hence giving the ultimate flexibility.


  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver around
  • Stylish
  • Has disc brakes
  • Comes with a bottle holder
  • Very easy to assemble, though the instructions are rubbish


  • Chain isn’t durable, many users have it snapped within the first week

Final Verdict

When you are looking for mountain bikes under 300, a little portion of your brain tells you to compromise on quality. This bike, thanks to its features, won’t let you do that.

Vilano 26-Inch Frame Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0 MTB 21 Speed Shimano with Disc Brakes

If you want a beginner level road bike which can take on roads, dirt trails, uneven paths and pavements with effortless ease, the Vilano 2.0MTB is a convenient option to have.


Boasting a handcrafted, double butted 6061 aluminum frame, this bike makes moving around a cinch. What’s more, thanks to its 26’’ suspension fork, it provides you maximum power regardless of the terrain you are riding on.

Turning our attention to the 21-speed drivetrain shifters from Shimano, they’ll provide you with two benefits. Firstly, no matter at which speed you are travelling, you won’t have to move a muscle to shift gears. Second, if you love to cover uphill tracks, the range of gears would make sure you do the same with maximum ease.

Gears, when viewed in isolation, simply aren’t enough. For, what use is a speed of if you cannot control it? Luckily, to provide reliable braking in all weather conditions, this bike has the time-tested mechanical disc brakes. Apply them, and your bike won’t move an inch!


  • Quality bike
  • Has 21-speed Shimano Drivetrain
  • Mechanical disc-brakes are powerful
  • Mag wheels make it equally efficient for both paved roads and dirt trails


  • Seat isn’t hugely comfortable

Final Verdict

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that if you are looking for thrill and adventure, this mountain bike might just be the key to that gateway. It has reliable disc brakes, a strong and sturdy aluminum frame and tires which are efficient to cover a wide range of terrains. What more can you ask!

Mongoose Stasis Comp 26-Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle

Sturdy. If I’m ever asked to write a one-word review of this bike, that would be it. It isn’t the frame which has made the bike sturdy – aluminum frames aren’t known to be strong, for that matter. Rather, it is the front suspension fork – which is made of steel, which has made this bike durable.


Ask any biker in your area – and if he is being truthful, he’ll tag cross winds as the number one enemy of his rides. However, thanks to the steel suspension fork, such winds won’t be able to deter you from going ahead. Add to it the maneuverability offered by the aluminum frame, and it would take some doing from Mother Nature to stop you from going ahead with your plans.

When a bike is this much sturdy, it needs similar brakes for complementing purposes. Consequently, to provide this bike with reliable stopping power – no matter what the weather is, Mongoose has provided it with front and rear disc brakes.

Also, while speed isn’t a forte of mountain bikes under 300, Mongoose has further upped the ante by going for the alloy wheels in this bike. Despite being formidable, these wheels have the capability to give you a quick release front.


  • Has lightweight alloy rims
  • Frame is durable
  • Braking System is powerful
  • Very easy to accelerate


  • If you are 5’10’’ or above, this bike may not be apt for you

Final Verdict

If you are an intense adventure seeker, the Mongoose Statis Comp 26’’ is a dream come true. For its heavy features, this bike is a steal for the price at which it is available.

Mongoose Impasse HD 29″ Wheel Mountain Bicycle

If you can afford to ignore its seat – which isn’t ergonomic, to say the least, this bicycle offers great value for money. Its appearance, when coupled with its quality, durability, and features, makes it one of the best products to have ever come out of the Mongoose warehouse.


Thanks to its aluminum hardtail frame, this bike has the ability to transfer more power, with less effort to the rear wheel. What’s more, if you are riding on a paved surface, the hardtail frame will make it easy for you to accelerate – and retain that acceleration over longer time periods.

Turning our attention towards its wheels, and they have three features to underline the importance of this bicycle. Firstly, in stark contrast to cheap mountain bikes, Mongoose has chosen lightweight alloy rims for Impasse HD, which provides better support to knobby mountain tires.

Secondly, both the front and rear wheels have reliable, mechanical disc brakes. As stated above, these disc brakes are a must-have if you love going downhill at maximum speed, but with the assurance that the bike has what it takes to stop it from going overboard.

Thirdly, to make sure you don’t spend a lion’s share of your time maintaining the bike, it has a 3-piece alloy crank. More importantly, this configuration of the crank makes sure that you can shift the gears with effortless ease.


  • Hardtail frame allows easy acceleration
  • Smooth gear shifting thanks to the 21-speed SRAM twist shifters
  • Has disc brakes
  • Provides good value for the money


  • You might have to consult an expert to assemble the bike, especially the brakes

Final Verdict

Even when you add the price the “expert” will charge you for assembling the bike, the initial price of the Impasse HD is such that it would still remain below under 300, and in your budget. Hardly a shortcoming, isn’t it?


Your search for the best mountain bikes under 300 ends here. These bikes, in addition to being affordable, have the features to rival any of their pricier counterparts. Hence, if anyone ever tells you again that it is impossible finding mountain bikes under 300, refer them to this article to make sure the reality dawns on him.

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